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Tiger Concentrated Wax (2g)


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Product Description

Tiger is the most illustrious species of all the cats in the world. It may as well be one of the most elder one as the scientists claim that the ancestors of the Tiger including the ‘saber tooth’ and the ‘Javan’ are known to be most dominant gigantic cats of the animal empire of the pre-historic times (from over 100000 years), all around the world. The specialty of the Tiger is that it is extremely beautiful and naturally colorful yet lethal, receptive and large. The Tiger truly is a brilliant animal known for its ferocity, agility and elegance.

To tribute the amazing legend of the Tiger as it well deserves, the researchers have formulated a unique and rare blend of herbal potpourri composed of multiple qualitative natural herbs and scents to make this concentrated wax. This product has been entitled as Tiger Incense as it has some of the most amazing and exceptional of attributes. The aroma of Tiger Incense is bright and punchy. With every breath taken, it indulges a sensation of dynamism and vigor, and so it electrifies the mind and the body of the recipient as whole by sharpening his/her senses and receptive alertness. The fragrance of Tiger Incense is alluring and rich. It goes deep down deep within the body instantly, triggering the intensive and special effects of motivation by cleansing out the negative feelings and thoughts of stress and depression effectively.  Including the essence derived from the leaf of damina, Tiger incense also exhibit an additional fragrance of nature that helps exceed the recipient into a state of a uniquely refreshing sensation of relaxation, indulging peace and serenity from the deep within.

Set it up and close your eyes; let the tiger inside of you take you to a lavish green garden where it can inhabit at peace. The Tiger Incense is extremely rare and short in supply; we have it available here right now in a limited quantity. Order yours now before it’s too late!

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