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Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense

Sexy Monkey Incense Special (5 packs x 6 grams)


Your sexy time has synced up, so grab some monkey and let’s get down! We both know that our Sexy Monkey Incense Special won’t last long. It’s time to gear up for a fun night with your sexy monkey! Get your hands on this attractive aroma before it’s gone!

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Product Description

Sexy Monkey Incense Special

6 grams each, 5 Sexy Packs! THATS 30 GRAMS OF SEXY MONKEY HERBAL INCENSE at a price so low, it’s NOT going to last!

You better believe we couldn’t let this little minx stay away for long! Sexy Monkey Incense is not only back, but more bangin’ than ever! Sexy Monkey Incense is now available in a special discount package bundle. You know the more sexy the better! Why not try herbal incense to boost not only the scent of your home/dorm but your mood too!

It’s also perfect for the sexy little monkey in your life! (Or is that three sexy little monkeys? We don’t judge!) Buy this special discount package deal of Sexy Monkey Incense now while it’s in stock, because you know this is one monkey that everyone is chasing after! Buy more monkey, and save more money! You get five bags of Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense each weighing 6g for only $99.99! Oh yeah, all the sexy scented spice you could want this summer, and right here at Fine Herbal Incense. You know this deal won’t last. Order your sexy summer scent from Fine Herbal Incense today!

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The Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense purchased through Fine Herbal Incense is intended to be used as an aromatic potpourri ONLY. FHI warns against the dangerous practice of using aromatic incense as legal highs. The buyer when purchasing this product agrees NOT to inhale the herbal smoke or hot vapors if the product is lit. These products are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! Or monkey consumption, for that matter.

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